Tryout Information

2022-2023 Tryouts Will Be Held April 5-7, 2022

CAPS Tryout Procedures

Purpose: The tryout process is necessary to evaluate a player’s readiness for competition at the premier travel level and determine placement within the premier travel age group. Each tryout is an “open tryout”, where players are evaluated on their technical, tactical, physical, and decision-making abilities.

  1. All players will register using CAPS' TeamSnap form before participating in the tryout process. Registration must be completed online.  Please see our Registration page.
  2. Each prospective player will receive a tryout sticker which will have an identification number. Each player will be identified by this number throughout the tryout process and will be required to wear this number on the thigh of their shorts. We ask that players not wear any Club branded gear to tryouts.
  3. Each prospective player wishing to tryout and play for a CAPS team will have two opportunities to be evaluated by the CAPS Coaching Staff. Any player unable to attend a day of tryouts should contact the appropriate Director of Coaching.
  4. Tryouts are scheduled by Birth Year.  If evaluators determine a player should be placed at a different age, that player will be notified.
  5. The tryout will consist of a warm-up, technical assessment, and small-sided games run by a professional trainer. Evaluators will be circulating throughout the tryout evaluating players based on CAPS developmental curriculum.
  6. Communication of Results: At the conclusion of the tryout process, a selection meeting will take place. Communication of results from the tryouts will take place 2-3 days after the tryout. All players will be contacted regarding the outcome of the tryouts.
  7. It is possible to have multiple teams in any particular age group if the number of players and the talent of such players warrants having additional teams.
  8. Deposit: Once selections are made, players accepting their spot will need to complete the club registration and pay the $250 non-refundable deposit. This fee will be applied to the 2022-2023 fees.
  9. A roster spot acceptance is only complete with this non-refundable deposit.

Thank you for trying out for CAPS! Any questions can be directed to Premier Director.

Goalkeeper Tryouts

  • Goalkeeper tryouts will be held during appropriate Birth Age tryout sessions to evaluate the boys and girls prospective goalkeepers. A professional goalkeeper evaluator will be present to run the session and evaluate each goalkeeper.  Please register for your Birth Age and select the Interested in Goalkeeper checkbox.  Goalkeepers will participate in portions of the Field Tryouts as well.

Arriving at a CAPS Tryout

Day of Tryout: Here is a simple list to make arriving at a Tryout a bit easier.

  • Players should arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the tryout.
  • Players can wear attire comfortable for training, and must have cleats, shinguards, and most importantly, a soccer ball.
  • Upon arrival, players must check in at the registration table, where their attendance will be confirmed, and they will be given a tryout identification number to wear for the duration of the session.
  • Players will then be directed to the area of the field in which you are to train. You will receive the same identification number when you return for the second tryout.
  • Players will train for 75-90 minutes, and will be evaluated by members of the CAPS coaching and evaluative staff.
  • We encourage players to have fun and try their best during the tryout sessions.